The Feng Shui Way of Life !

If life was meant to be Joyful, why isn’t it ?

More and more individuals are asking this question realizing that they have been the creators and are solely responsible for their existing situation.

Simply said, if indeed we are creating everything in our life by the way we think, feel and behave, then… it is safe to say that if we change the way we think, feel and act, we will deliberately attract what we want instead of giving it to chance.

Feng Shui is the Universal Law of Attraction at its best. By changing our environment, surrounding ourselves with energies that compliment our own, we slowly begin to see our lives improve.

Picture this; imagine that instead of smelly shoes, piles of mail and coat racks, you come home to a bright and spacious foyer. A luminous crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling, a  colourful rug at your feet, a stylish side table, a large mirror, an abundant fresh bouquet of flowers and a gorgeous painting of Tuscany on the other side… how would that make you feel every time you came home ? How would your life be like then?

The reality is that with our busy schedule we forget that the outside world affects every aspect of our lives. If a butterfly in Tokyo, Japan affects the winds in New York City, imagine how everything else affects us. Everything and anything that exists has a Universal energy going through it…i.e.: trees, a table, a chair, a bed, an apple, a bird, a cat … ourselves.  When we understand how to manipulate this energy to our benefit, than we are at our best. We attract better relationships, better careers, better friends, make better decisions and experience a renewed enthusiasm for life.

Many of us are already on our spiritual journey. We read inspirational books, listen to CD’s, say affirmations, experience reiki, yoga, tai chi, EFT, etc.,  but… if after all that work we come to a home that lacks harmony, its chaotic and cluttered… what happens to all the good efforts ?  are we subconsciously sabotaging our life’s purpose ?

If you are genuinely interested in improving the quality of your life and the lives of your loved ones, then seriously consider  the experience of  Feng Shui. Feng Shui is a wonderful tool to set you on the path of your true life purpose… faster.

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